Rainbow Six: Siege Team Promotion to ESL UK Premiership

Our Rainbow Six: Siege team have made it to the ESL UK Premiership Summer series!

After a rocky start to our roster we were finally able to pick up a solid line-up and made our way through the UK Premiership weekly qualifiers finishing in 3rd position, making the play-offs.

We were able to dominate our way through the play-offs undefeated showing a really strong performance throughout. We go into the new season with a strong line-up and a great motivation. We will be going up against teams such as Team Secret and MnM but we can only improve from here and believe we have what it takes to take the top spot.

We look forward to the season and watching the team as they progress through the group stage.

All games will be streamed weekly on Thursday so please tune in and give your support!

Rainbow Six UK Twitch: http://twitch.tv/rainbowsix_uk

ESL Premiership Website: https://pro.eslgaming.com/uk/rainbow-six-siege/

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DreamHack Valencia

Our Rainbow Six: Siege team will be participating at the Dreamhack Valencia 2019 LAN event along side other big names in the Rainbow Six community!

We have a spot in the open qualifier which will take place on the 4th July 2019 with the goal of making the main group stages, starting Friday. We have had a good track record at Dreamhack previously where we have managed to secure a spot in the Main groups each time. We will be looking to go even further with our new line-up, who have been showing great promise during the ESL UK Premiership.

Unfortunately Penguin was unable to attend this event and therefore will be subbed in by Dumpling.


 Alexander “Oraghon” Bolsun

 Ryan “Lacky” Stapley

 Keenan “Keenan” Dunne

Marc “Dumpling” Clarkson

 Thomas “Tankninjaz” Connelly

We will be posting regular updates on our Twitter so please keep up to date on our official page and give our team some support

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Koyo Store Partnership

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Koyo Store!

The Koyo Store specialises in pin badges, collectible coins and other merchandise for leading entertainment and video games brands, including, Rainbow Six Siege, Street Fighter, Game of Thrones, World of Tanks, World of Warships, Thunderbirds and more.

Their pins have taken off and have become very popular amongst many communities. We hope to increase this growth and will work very closely with them to give them all the support of our community.

As part of our partnership with the Koyo store we are able to offer a 5% discount to our community and fans so please visit their website, use code ‘T3H’ when checking out. Check out their Website here.

To celebrate our partnership we are doing a giveaway for a full set of Rainbow Six: Siege Series 2 pins!

To enter please follow both T3H Esports and the Koyo Store on Twitter, Retweet and like the post on the T3H Esports official Twitter page here.

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Deadbird Partnership

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Iamdeadbird!

Deadbird creates custom design and graphic artwork. A Professional branding, creating your identity for you. He has had a lot of success within the Rainbow Six: Siege community and we are excited to working with him. He has become well known for his Six Invitational abstract portraits which can be seen on pages of many high profile esports personalities.

We hope to build a close partnership with Deadbird and help him grow and develop his brand along with working with him on future projects.

As part of our partnership with Deadbird we are able to offer a 10% discount to our community and fans so please visit his website to see his amazing work, use code ‘T3HDB’.

Check out his Website here.

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Rainbow Six: Siege Team Announcement

We are pleased to announce our new Rainbow Six: Siege roster! We hope you will join us in welcoming them to the organization.

The team retains long time T3H player Alex ‘Oraghon’ Bolsun as Team Captain but we have taken a new direction with a majority UK
line-up to play along-side other UK organizations in the ESL UK Premiership Summer Series, to which the team qualified in April.

The team are looking to take the top spot in the UK premiership and attend Dreamhack Valencia, among other events, with the
ultimate goal of reaching the next Challenger League season.



Alexander “Oraghon” Bolsun

 Ryan “Lacky” Stapley

 Keenan “Keenan” Dunne

Axel “Penguin” Bay Boerma

 Thomas “Tankninjaz” Connelly


 Marc “Dumpling” Clarkson



Player pictures done by partner Iamdeadbird – https://www.iamdeadbird.com/

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