DreamHack Valencia

Our Rainbow Six: Siege team will be participating at the Dreamhack Valencia 2019 LAN event along side other big names in the Rainbow Six community!

We have a spot in the open qualifier which will take place on the 4th July 2019 with the goal of making the main group stages, starting Friday. We have had a good track record at Dreamhack previously where we have managed to secure a spot in the Main groups each time. We will be looking to go even further with our new line-up, who have been showing great promise during the ESL UK Premiership.

Unfortunately Penguin was unable to attend this event and therefore will be subbed in by Dumpling.


 Alexander “Oraghon” Bolsun

 Ryan “Lacky” Stapley

 Keenan “Keenan” Dunne

Marc “Dumpling” Clarkson

 Thomas “Tankninjaz” Connelly

We will be posting regular updates on our Twitter so please keep up to date on our official page and give our team some support

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